Thursday, June 30, 2016

That's Caren, spelled with a C

Caren...with a C.

That's been my life: every first day of school, every doctor appointment, every new introduction. The spell check on my computer tags my first name as incorrect.  I don't mind honestly. I've come to realize that people actually remember my name because it is different.

In the movie, "Couple's Retreat", there's a character who introduces himself as "Stanley, spelled with a C." I love that. Later it's written as "Sctanley" and not "Ctanley" but that's okay. The point is, it's different. Although I can't get my name on a tacky tourist coffee mug, I can have it woven on a bracelet...while I watch.

If you've ever read any of my other blogs, you'll notice I always try and work my name (or part of it) into the title: Care Packages, Handle with Care, Care-ing. When I decided to start a travel blog I had to ponder a while, but after having heard of "Sctanley", the name "Caren-dipity" sounded perfect. Also, I love the concept of serendipity. It means just finding good things without necessarily planning ahead, or looking for them. That's my favorite form of travel. Granted, sometimes you really should make reservations for, like say...a cruise, but sometimes it's fun to just take off and see what happens. I do a little bit of both. Regardless, there always seems to be a bit of serendipity to every trip I take, and there have been very few true disappointments.

My husband and I love our state of California, and considering it's a pretty big state, a lot of our "road trips" are here at home. Still, we've found some fun places and done some interesting things. Maybe there are a few you've never heard of. So come along on a Caren-dipity with me. My husband, Bill takes some awesome photos, so a lot of the pictures I'll post will be his, and some will be mine. I thnk you'll enjoy them.

Caren E. Salas

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